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Workers' Compensation and Unemployment

Workers' Compensation and Unemployment If you employ people in Ohio you need a workers' compensation Third Party Administrator familiar with Ohio BWC programs. We can help any size employer.. Read More

Health, Life, Dental, Vision & Voluntary Benefits

Health, Life, Dental, Vision & Voluntary Benefits Health Insurance today is a changing landscape now that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or ObamaCare appears here to stay. We can help.. Read More

Human Resources and HRA/FSA Administration

Human Resouces and HRA/FSA Administration If you have employees, you have human resource needs. We can also coordinate with your medical plan to offer unique benefit design and cost saving solutions.. Read More

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A Wide Range of Benefit Management Options

Being an employer today is a complex matter. Issues involving health, life, dental and vision benefits along with workers' compensation, unemployment, human resource management and wellness plans are only some of the responsibilities that go along with having a payroll. Implementing required components of PPACA have added to the burden employers face.

Most employers have an insurance agent or consultant that present options just prior to renewal. If they have workers' compensation and unemployment administrative assistance it is usually with another company, separate from their health plan advisors.

In addition, components such as HRAs and FSAs often bring in a third unrelated entity. And finally, human resources is done with a fourth vendor if at all. Many employers with under 50 employees often provide internal "HR" functions because of perceived unaffordability or lack of necessity. This is a common, sometimes costly mistake.

That way of benefit management is rapidly becoming outdated.

Proper planning requires short and long range goals. These goals include cost containment, healthier employees and tax strategies in light of the new PPACA regulations. They should also ensure an option of proper workers' compensation, unemployment and HR compliance issues at a national, state and local level. Cost strategies for each of these areas should also be incorporated to be a true benefit management package.

Comprehensive benefit management is what we do. We have found that in order to keep up to date in each of the respective categories, we needed to have three targeted companies. This also allows us to offer separate services in an easier format to employees. For example, we can offer workers' compensation TPA services, HR or health benefit broker services as a stand-alone product.

Please Contact Us to discuss your specific situation. We are happy to meet with any size employer to discuss what options make sense for a particular set of circumstances.