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Tartan Risk Solutions, LLC

For Large or Small Businesses, Tartan = SolutionsTartan Risk Solutions, LLC was created in June, 2012 to complement the product and service offerings of Tartan Benefit Solutions and Tartan Insurance Agency, Inc. By offering these services directly, we can have more control in customizing solutions for each of our client's specific needs. We can offer these products individually or as a package:

HR consulting and management

It may not seem fair, but employers with 2 or 2,000+ employees are all held accountable to many of the same national, state and local regulations regarding employee rights and obligations. The majority of litigations in HR law are within what is termed small businesses. Because many of our clients are small businesses with no formal HR programs, we were seeing potential land mines that could easily have been avoided. We offer HR solutions that are affordable and compatible with all size employers.

HRA & HSA Administration

Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Health Savings Accounts are valuable tools in benefit plan cost management. While many carriers offer HRA and HSA compatible health insurance plans that include administration of these components, the options are often limited and saving opportunities diminished. By carving out these plan options, Tartan Risk Solutions, LLC can bring unique solutions many other brokers cannot.

Corporate Wellness Plans

Tartan Solutions for BusinessWhile Wellness Plans have been around for several years now, there are some stand out options that seem to bring above average results in savings and healthier employees. We now can assist in matching a wellness plan to a specific company's employee demographics. In the age of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), Wellness Plans have the potential for even further cost management opportunities.

Section 125 FSA Programs

From simple POP Plans to more comprehensive offerings, a Section 125 Flexible Spending Account plan can offer savings to employers and their employees. New PPACA regulations must be taken into account as well as management of these plans for future regulation changes that are most certainly coming.

COBRA Administration

Tartan Business Solutions Most companies are aware that COBRA requirements are for employers with over 20 employees. However, there are some state laws sometimes referred to as "mini-COBRA" that can affect employers with fewer than 20 employees. There may also be circumstances where a smaller family run business may want to establish COBRA rates. We can help with determining and administering what is required and what may be advantageous for any sized employer.

Outsourced Solutions

Tartan Risk Solutions, LLC has developed relationships with local and national companies that offer payroll services, pension management, corporate & executive wealth management and executive benefit products. By acquiring services from these vendors through our relationship we can offer our clients more clout, better service and lower costs.

Click here to go to our contact page. We look forward to discussing your specific situation and finding solutions that decrease headaches, increase savings and help make your business more profitable.